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Nj Coalition For Battered Women Hosts First Hope Gala

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For an elegant evening as they kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month on October 4, 2012 at the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ was the night of celebration presented by The New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women. All proceeds will benefit victims of domestic violence. The Hope-themed evening included a sumptuous three-course dinner, dancing, and live entertainment by R&B star, Me’lisa Morgan, and renowned folk singer, Ellen Bukstel. Both singers are special partners on the project. The sound system and musical entertainment will also be provided by Michael Lawlor. Michael is well-known for his involvement in New Jersey charities. Michael has received national recognition for his guitar playing expertise.

The event also feature a “Silent Auction”, with items such as a hot air Balloon Ride, a Spirit Dinner Cruise for two around New York City, and a Dinner Cruise on the Calypso Yacht which was recently featured on “The Apprentice” television show. The event featured a special show case that highlights, “Baring Our Soles” which is an exhibition that features shoes that were decorated by survivors of domestic violence. The shoes tell the stories of abused women, and raises awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault in New Jersey. The event is a collaborative project that featured shoes from NJCBW’s member programs across New Jersey.

In addition to celebrating survivors, NJCBW recognized individuals and organizations who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to end domestic violence. This year’s honorees included the late Carol Vasile, Senator Robert Menendez, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and TD Bank. The event featured Keynote Speaker, Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera, from the 4th Legislative District in Laurel Springs, NJ.

The emcee for the evening was Brenda L. Thomas. Ms. Thomas is a bestselling author, a nationally recognized domestic violence advocate and a motivational speaker. NJCBW is a non-profit statewide organization that has been advocating for victims of domestic violence and families since 1978, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, abilities or socio-economic status.

NJCBW provides training, technical assistance and support to domestic violence programs throughout New Jersey.

Ticket purchases and donations can be made by visiting NJCBW’s website at, or by calling NJCBW’s Chief Strategy Officer, Annett e McDonald at (609) 584- 8107, or by emailing her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Train As You Fight: Survival is a Personal Thing

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What would you do to survive a deadly force encounter? Would you kick, scratch and bite your way to victory? Or would you lie down and allow yourself to be slaughtered by a cold-blooded killer who was hell bent on taking your life? Interestingly enough, the answer to that quizzical question lies within you. Basically, you are who you are through your upbringing and experiences. The U.S. Recon Marine Creed reads, “I do not know the meaning of the word quit.” I love the psychology of that phrase; it makes sense to my soul. Those who quit in training will surely quit in combat. One is synonymous with the other.

We need to accept losing as a part of life, but we should never give in to it. In one of former President Theodore Roosevelt’s speeches he eloquently described failing in a warrior capacity. He stated- “The critic does not count; the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena. Who strives and errs and comes up short again and again, who if he wins knows the triumph of high achievement, but yet who if he fails-fails while daring greatly.”

Love, Lies, and Relationships

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Reality What? Whose Reality?


Lies, Lies, and more Lies! Reality
Television Shows portray a life of lies.
Why do people boost the ratings by
watching a bunch of lies?
Do you thinkthese shows should be broadcast
9pm when most adolescents have no TV

Response: America’s television airways reality today is unfortunately filled with what is commonly referred to as Reality Shows. Yes, they have taken over the television ratings. There are so many shows to choose from such as; the high class family known by last name, the wives of athletes, the wives of households from different states and cities, the girls who are the opposite of good, the good old deep south families, the people by the shore, find me a husband, find me a wife, brides gone bad, the list goes on and on there was even a few that were targeted at young children as it displayed siblings that were still in diapers and siblings of multiples.


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When the phone rang, he knew even before looking at the number who it was. Mr. Estero again. Th e man had promised to alert him as to what had transpired every hour on the hour and true to his word, here was another call. "Hello." "Hello Commissioner. It's Alberto Estero." "Yes Mr. Estero. How are you?" "Well, I'm still waiting. I have not heard from the school district yet.

No one seems to answer the phone there. I keep leaving messages but no one seems to be there."

"Well, Mr. Estero, I'll call down again. But I know they are swamped with parents signing up for schools."

"Should I go down there and talk to them in person?"

"Why don't you wait and see if they call you today. I was told they would get back to you during the day. I'll call down there again and let them know that you are still waiting."

"Thank you commissioner."

"Not a problem Sir. Good luck."


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The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that only 20% of Americans get the flu shot each year and more than 40,000 get hospitalized each year. They recommend annual influenza vaccinations for everyone age 6 months or older in the fall season. The "flu shot"– an inactivated vaccine (containing killed virus) that is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved for use in people older than 6 months, including healthy people and those with chronic medical conditions.

Consultant Karen Williams, M. Ed.

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911 anniversary date is here again and as I try to go about my day working through the loss of my loved one, it becomes impossible because of all the media coverage of "remembrance and the city & local government public memorial services/events. Why does the media feel it's okay to posturize this terrible and painful world event? Video of the bombing and the after affects are broadcast on almost every channel through-out the day and it is very hurtful to see those images re-played.