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The Collapse of America

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Collapase of America

The measure to fund the U.S. government through early November was defeated by a 182 vote joined with 48 Republican votes against it. Capitol Hill approval rate of 12% is no wonder why. Conservatives voted against the bill because they disagreed with its spending levels – too high, and Democrats rejected it due to the requirement for cuts. And of course,the bailing republicans didn't support the bill because of the intended tax increases.

The President along with the Republican Party that now controls the House has not been successful in forming unity and commitment for the betterment of the American people. Our country is constantly in crisis of economic destruction, yet we have been told that the recession is over. Should we really be considering leadership of an independent party? People of a margin of 50+% are now asking for development of an independent ticket. It may be too soon because the existing parties are yet too strong to be reduced. We explore this as a solution because we can't seem to get our officials to put the needs of the American people ahead of their own election agenda's along with their personal prejudices.

The politicians have not yet learned to comprise to meet the countries interest. This along with the creation of the "Tea Party confirms that many Americans are fed-up with the leading political parties. Why do the rich refuse to accept the fact that tax increases are undeniably a part of the fix for the economy? There is a book that was written that presents a theory, explaining that the Rich are the cure to America's financial depression. Sharing of the wealth must occur in order for America to get better. Will it take the fall of the American government to open the hands of the rich? America is in such a hurry and is going nowhere. These quick fixes eventually returns us to the same problems only months later.

We have got to get a government in place that understands the emergency situation that America is in. There is a political machine that is busy at work trying to prepare an independent candidate. "Americans Elect" an organization that is seeking Americans from every state of all races, ages and political viewpoints to be a delegate in the convention. Being a delegate is simple; tell what issues are important to you and what you think the solutions are. After that, vote for whomever you think will do the best job. This organization is proposing to have an election via internet. This is a mind blower for me. How can we trust that the true results without internet hacking/data manipulation will not occur to support candidates that are financially wealthy enough to buy political power? America the beautiful is starting to look a little worn.