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Consultant Karen Williams, M. Ed.

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911 anniversary date is here again and as I try to go about my day working through the loss of my loved one, it becomes impossible because of all the media coverage of "remembrance and the city & local government public memorial services/events. Why does the media feel it's okay to posturize this terrible and painful world event? Video of the bombing and the after affects are broadcast on almost every channel through-out the day and it is very hurtful to see those images re-played.



911 was in fact a world event. Some people loss family member(s), co-workers, friends, and or associates. It was tragic and it is memorialized each year with remembrance and honor. Yes, the images of that horrific day are re-played on television and even shared electronically. Grieving can become an ongoing process especially since the lives of innocent people were taken unjustly but, there are the steps you can take to help you prepare each year for the events and notoriety that 911 will bring. We all know by now that this day is not going to come and go without recognition to how lives were loss and America was changed forever therefore you must make a conscionable effort to take the power back from the people that committed this crime. In my opinion there is a process to grieving! Mastering the process is achievable. First I recommend that you accept that your love one is no longer alive. Although some victims survived the tragedy your love one did not for reasons unknown to you. Yes, your love one's life was taken but if it was meant for him/ her to survive, it would have happened. Second, anger may have been an initial reaction against the criminals and perhaps even now you are angry with the media and others for replaying 911causing emotions to be stirred but, anger only begets more anger. It is best if you refuse to feed on your negative thoughts and began to focus more on the positive memories of your love one. Allow your shared moments of happiness and joy to fill your heart and this will give you back what you feel was taken from you. The cold hard truth of the matter is, that we will all one day leave our earthly bodies and how we leave is not anything that we can control but the choices we make while we are here is under our control. We all, each and every one of us need to focus on not just living the" lives of our dreams" but on positively impacting the lives of others. What you do for yourself helps you but why not use your pain to make a positive difference in someone else's life. Finally, 911 reflections can become a positive memory for you if you use that day or any other day to be of service to your fellow man. Remember, service men and women loss their lives too in the line of duty which was surrendering help to people who were in need. Loving their neighbors as they love themselves! God Bless all of us as we all have been affected and still migrating through to recover from the tragedy of 911! We are taking the power back by continuing each year to come together all over America and being of service to one another as we all grieve and comfort one another.